General Product Information

How we measure lids

How we measure lids - lenght, width and height


When we measure a lid we always quote the hinged side (W)
first followed by length.

Length (L) is hinge hole centre line to front edge.

Side Hinged Lids / Doors

Dimensions of lids on the detail pages of the website are always shown as "Hinge Hole Centre to Front" (Length or L) and Overall Width of Lid" (W). In the case of Side Hinged Lids and Doors, this may appear pictorially wrong but allows for consistency in measuring.



Thermal expansion and lid manufacturing tolerances

Please be aware that all plastic lids will shrink and expand at slightly different rates than a metal container and so when fitting lids in extreme hot or cold climates, this will need to be a consideration along with the normal manufacturing tolerances of the products.

The tolerances we work to are as follows:




Please note

This is especially important when fitting pairs of lids together.


Our Lid Recycling Scheme

Any scrap lids in your backyard? Looking for best practice and best value?

All of our lids can be reprocessed and this recycled material can then be used to manufacture new lids.


Find out more about our Recycling Scheme

and look out for this symbol

Available in recycled material - Logo

indicating that this lid type is available in recycled material.


Typical livery layout on a DuraFlex® lid

Typcal livery on a Duraflex lid



Container Components cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the lid due to the attachment of brackets & chains etc., or due to any modification to the lid that we have not recommended.